Bureau N

Berlin, Germany
BUREAU N is a cultural communications agency positioned at the many crossroads characterising today's dynamic media landscape. Always driven by content, we create concepts for the fields of visual art, architecture, design, and other things we like. We provide our clients with effective and efficient communication strategies as well as finely tuned creative concepts with a comprehensive approach. Our connections and insight help us shape a strong dialogue between our clients and their target audiences. Because BUREAU N represents players in so many creative cultural sectors, each communications concept is meticulously analysed and tailored to the singular vision of institutions, festivals, museum exhibitions, publications, biannual representations, or design/architecture studios. Whatever we do, we carefully consider which story to tell, which social media strategy to employ, which cooperations and partnerships to initiate and establish, and how to use our expertise in the most fitting way possible. Comprising a team of diverse interests and cultural backgrounds, BUREAU N has an integrated, experienced practice. We always represent those whose ambitions and projects intersect with our own passions, and in turn connect them to those who best interpret and multiply their messages. What remains constant is our conviction for inspiring and facilitating conversations about individuals and institutions doing remarkable things.