In Practice: Architecture education for the Future

#Summer School
24 Aug - 30 Aug 2020
MAO Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, SI
Ljubljana, SI

The discursive platform at MAO in Ljubljana will address today's challenges of architectural education. At the exhibition, which will talk about the 100th anniversary of the Ljubljana School of Architecture, Future Architecture fellows will participate in the design and implementation of a summer course aimed at discussing today's challenges and the future development of architectural education.

The debate on architectural education is topical within both architectural practice and educational circles and reflects an awareness of the changes needed. At the heart of this discussion is the question of how to educate students for contemporary practice. But before that, we need to ask ourselves, what is the architectural practice of today? How is the field of architecture expanding into areas of work that, until recently, were outside of the list of tasks performed by architects? How can today's view of the profession of architect in education be expanded from a mere planner and building designer to a much broader profession?

The issue of educating students for practice is a question of the idea of the school. How important is the school of architecture as an autonomous intellectual and cultural institution? Human society faces many challenges that future architects can play their part in. It is therefore important how schools of architecture disseminate knowledge and how they encourage free conversation, debate and criticism. After all, learning architecture is about learning how to be a part of today's world.