Design Biotop 2020: Systemic Approach in Design

#Workshops, Talks
1 May - 31 Oct 2020
Design Biotop, Ljubljana, SI
Ljubljana, SI

A 5-day international summer school for design, business, and sustainability engaging emerging professionals working on a systemic approach in architecture. The hands-on-design workshops with renowned local and international practitioners will take place in Ljubljana and will be launched with public lectures bringing knowledge to the wider audiences.

The event topics will cover different basics such as understanding the meaning of ‘systemic’ by practical examples, what is the role of social sustainability as a core of the business and how personal values influence one's professionalism, career and wellbeing. Participants will be encouraged to problem-solve by practical examples that lead to gaining valuable experience. The event will promote an understanding of new demands on the market for creatives and business developers. The new demands include going beyond pure beautification process and into global dimensions of wellbeing and towards humanity based thinking. For creating greater environments, one's creativity is used to tackle real issues of today to prepare a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow for all.