Livable Cities and Poetic Data

Why poetic landscape can improve life qualities in our cities

Livable Cities and Poetic Data

Why poetic landscape can improve life qualities in our cities
By combining a poetic landscape with a systematic use of data, we can achieve a significant improvement in our cities.
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Our goal is to create a vivid, poetic and social city. A unifying organism that brings us closer together, puts a smile on our faces and takes our eco-system seriously. We work with urban planning, urban renewal, urban parks and densely populated areas and the open landscape. We have a clear ambition to link interdisciplinary disciplines and thus expand our field - and thereby have greater impact on the urban livability.

We work close together with a number of experts that can contribute to creating a landscape that makes sense in the 21st århudrede. Eg. we have a collaboration with the Technological Institute of DK where we test various plants ability to intercept and destroy harmful particles from car exhaust (an increasing problem that causes cardiovascular disease, DNA damage etc.) - and incorporating the technology in to small poetic non-spaces in the city. By combining data and poetic landscape, we simply achieve more - for far more people.

winder of "the playscape of the future"

A small poetic tower - creating a meetingplace in the city

A quiet place, were a poetic landscape is combinend with the most busy buscrossing in DK

Its our city - and we should enjoy it

By nuding the landscape, new rules will emerge - creating a new social structure

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Stephan Gustin
Gustin Landskab A/S
jaegergaardsgade 156K, 1tv
8000, Aarhus C
Gustin Landscape A/S is a young, dynamic and creative company, with a focus on living, poetic and innovative cities and landscapes ... We are dedicated and visionary in creating a better city, with more experiences, more poetry, variety and beauty. Stephan Gustin is the founder, graduated from the Architectural School of Aarhus in Denmark. Gustin has been running the company for about 10 years, and have won a number of competitions and awards.

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