Meeting pop-up actions to programme activation

neighbours working for the communal construction

Meeting pop-up actions to programme activation

neighbours working for the communal construction
Triggers of intermittent programmes at not much used urban landscapes to the resocialisation
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The project designs actions to programme activation linked to socio-educational initiatives, as objects that reactivate synergies at not much used urban landscapes to generate activities for neighbours. In this way, the population becomes in community, recovering urban areas which have dimensions larger than a sidewalk and triggering dialogue processes which provide self-managed actions by neighbours.

The cities have oversized spaces waiting for designs for recreational programmes, but these areas will be forgotten due to the lack of use. So, these areas should be inhabited and reactivated by meeting pop-up actions and objects that trigger new activities which can be exhibition, sport or play actions.

From August 2016, we have leaded five workshops, designed seven prototypes and built eight ephemeral performances, generating thought and participation processes in which participate different society actors. Currently, we continue developing prototypes to create these actions.

Social dynamics to detect requirements from neigbours

Workshop to construction a pneumatic performance

Performance at a self-managed space at Barcelona (Spain)

Performance at an open day with free admission for everyone and special activities at MediaLab Prado Madrid (Spain)

Activity “Drawing on the air”, inside the pneumatic performance

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Sálvora Feliz + Marta G Soler
Conjuntos Empáticos
C/ Menorca
28009, Madrid
Conjuntos Empáticos is an organization formed by architects and researchers from different academic institutions of Spain founded in June 2012. Their founders have worked at international offices as Herzog & de Meuron or dosmasunoarquitectos. Their work is about thought, participation and construction processes with various society actors. Their workshops and lessons have been located at architectural meetings as Eme3, Arquitecturas Colectivas, EURAU16, Technical University of Madrid, and so on.

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