Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)

Event10 Mar 2016

10-20 March 2016 -
The third instalment explores how architecture characterizes our lives and the world. With 150 events taking place in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg the festival presents architecture as something more than just bricks and glass facades.

The Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) is the biggest architecture and film festival in the world. It's third instalment features 150 architecture events in Copenhagen, Aarhus and for the first time this year in Aalborg. The festival focuses on architecture, design and film, expanding the idea of what architecture is and can be - presenting architecture as something more than just bricks and glass facades, but as a sensual, physical, social, political and human size that seeps through the pores of our everyday existence.

11 days of film screenings, exhibitions, conference, seminars, bike trips, workshops, walks and talks will explore how architecture characterizes our lives and the world - and how our lives and the world affects the architecture.

The film screenings feature a wide selection of well known classics, recent releases and thought provoking not-yet-known gems, while the themes of the festival series, amongst other, focus on the reality behind the media's narrative about China megacities, bring cinematic portraits of various cities, explore new architecture for a world, where natural disasters are not exceptions and discus characteristics of Copenhagen on a local, national and international level.

As part of the festival, the Danish TV Channel DR K is screening a variety of architectural films and programs, so architecture lovers around Denmark can take part in this year's festival from their own home.

The festival was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Josephine Michau, Peter Møller Rasmussen and Mads Farsø.

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