Future visions are not represented by utopia anymore but by scientific research and collected data.
Terezia Greskova

#FarawaySoClose_BIO25 almost ready for #Milan #mdw16

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The design of life is humanity’s next great mode of invention and transformation.
Egor Orlov, Varvara Nazarova and Thomas Clark
Reconciliation with the Nature. Architecture is the instrument to realize it.
Angelo Renna

Preparing the "Handstorm' workshop in Dharavi with engineering students from #NYU Abu Dhabi #urbz_dharavi

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The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us.
Le Corbusier
Build without buildings!
Giuliano Valeri, Silvia Pinci

Kim Kardashian will be our guide today! Take the journey with Liam Young to explore City Everywhere, a fictional city of...

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Cities are a mirror of our aspirations.
Tomaž Pipan
Let’s drop the ‘-lonialism’ and take the ‘CO-‘! Co-create, co-build, co-operate!
Sara Neves + Filipe Estrela

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