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But what happens when we hit a wall?
Marko Salapura
Build a diverse web of life.
Gaja Mežnarić Osole & Andrej Koruza

The Forecast Forum and thus a very fruitful and enriching week comes to an end. Thanks to everyone who joined our...

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What we really like to imagine as a future are the things that we cannot construct.
Marius Helten
We forgot how we can live together with nature.
Lilla Kasztner
...a common voice capable of making itself heard...

"We can only give you coffee without milk." #žižek #embodiedideologies @fa_platform

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...reclaiming critical roles by turning the current order upside down...
Marija Marić and Damjan Kokalevski
Challenge the primacy of infrastructure, explore possibilities of multiplication of urban networks.
Budapest Cooperative
All creation is temporary and ephemeral, even if it aspires to an eternal permanence.
Pablo Blázquez Jesús, Ángel Martínez García-Posada
The city becomes an infinite canvas that confuses the boundaries between meatspace and cyberspace.
Evangelia Mori

21 Jun - 28 Aug 2016 MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo MAXXI chose to relate to the Future Architecture...

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Dialogue on architecture shouldn’t be practiced by the few, but by all - because we all live in the built environment.
Sanja Cvetković, Djordje Jović
The design of life is humanity’s next great mode of invention and transformation.
Egor Orlov, Varvara Nazarova and Thomas Clark