Invisible Landscapes

#Lecture Series
1 Jun - 31 Jul 2018
The Royal Academy of Arts, London, GB
London, United Kingdom

© Hayes Davidson/Royal Academy of Arts
As part of an increased commitment to architecture in its 250th anniversary year, the Royal Academy of Arts in London presents Invisible Landscapes, the first theme in a new, almost year-long programme of experimental interventions, exploring the impact of emerging technologies on architecture and society. The programme will inaugurate the new Architecture Studio, located within The Dorfman Senate Rooms, a creative space that invites audience engagement with innovative and critical ideas on architecture and its intersection with the visual arts and contemporary culture. Invisible Landscapes will make visible the often invisible presence of digital technologies in our lives and everyday environments. The programme taking place from May 2018 to March 2019, will look from the home to the city to review how architecture can respond and engage with emerging contemporary issues, to suggest new ways of being, belonging and living. The project will be accompanied by a series of related events as part of the wider Royal Academy's Architecture public programme featuring two emerging creatives selected through the Future Architecture's Call for Ideas.