Space and the Creative Mindset

23 May - 25 May 2019
Design Biotop, Ljubljana, SI

The topics of the Design Biotop conference will explore the social and sustainable effect that the emerging creative class can have on the development of the city, and its perception in the eyes of the municipality / public sector that have developed content related to city planning. How is the creative class integrated into the future development of the city, and what is its role in the context of city planning. This forms the frame of Design Biotop’s field of exploration in the upcoming participatory events. What can the creative mindset bring to the development of content in the city; and how relevant is such a topic in the Europe of today? In a Europe where design policies and the design mindset are becoming increasingly important in the larger context of global competition and competitive advantage. Is the creative mindset an actual driving force behind behavioural change towards a more sustainable future? The event will discuss and explore ideas in creativity-friendly and supportive environments and mindsets to build socially sustainable cities based on community integrated work and co-creation. Different sectors and public and private actors will be brought together into a multi-disciplinary event that will re-think the potential of the systemic approach and the creative process to produce more socially-driven ideas when planning the development of city content. Further, it will challenge the new roles of service design and architecture in reframing the new demands posed by life and wellbeing in the cities.