Rewind of Change. The Chronicle since 1989

17 Oct - 1 Dec 2019
The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Wroclaw, PL
Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw

Central and Eastern Europe share many similar experiences. The two appear to be the most important or influential in recent history in view of the their experiences of socialism and their subsequent transformations. Each Eastern Bloc country dreamt its own dream: first of building socialism, then of freedom constructed atop its ruins. Yet their experiences are both so common and unique that they can be considered an important part of the (Eastern) European identity. Eight sites in eight Central and Eastern European countries will be analysed. Interdisciplinary teams from the selected countries will be invited to propose alternative scenarios for their spatial development. The sites to be transformed will be selected in cooperation with the institutions co-creating the Future Architecture platform for the area under research, which will also include partners and co-producers of the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw exhibition.