Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019

#workshop, talk, exhibition
26 Sep - 24 Nov 2019
Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT), Oslo, NO

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate the architecture of alternatives. OAT 2019 will invite architects, urban practitioners and citizens to explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the architecture of Degrowth.

OAT 2019 Chief Curators: What kind of architecture will we create when buildings are no longer instruments of financial accumulation? What kinds of spaces will we inhabit when cultivation, rather than extraction is the goal? What materials and technologies will we build with when general purpose money no longer allows us to trade a rainforest for a smart city? How will the built environment be realized in an economic system that doesn't seek to exploit global differences in wage levels, land prices, and environmental legislation? What will our environment look like when it is human and ecological flourishing that matter most?

OAT aims to engage the emergent creatives in the topics, discussions and forums of the Triennale. The forms of engagement will be developed together with the candidates.