Tirana Design Week 2019: Rethinking the Future

#workshop, talk, exhibition
16 Sep - 6 Oct 2019
Tirana Architecture Weeks, Tirana, AL
POLIS University

The Tirana Architecture/Design Weeks (TAW/TDW) by Polis University works to promote the exchange of knowledge between professionals at a national and international level in order to increase the public’s interest in architecture and art design as disciplines that are closely connected to the contemporary development of cities; and to enhance interaction between professionals and the general public on issues related to the city as well as increase participation in decision-making and development processes.

Activities are based on specific issues and disciplines like artistic production, education, audience growth and development, capacity building, cultural activities, research and development, etc. with detailed descriptions of the activities planned in each area.

Tirana Architecture/Design Weeks is designed to include 4 main activity groups: architecture events, art design events, workshops, and public events. Each of these consists of various kinds of actions and events, such as conferences, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, open forums, etc.