Tirana Architecture Week 2020: Catalysts of Change

#workshop, talk, exhibition
1 Sep - 30 Sep 2020
Tirana Architecture / Design Weeks (TA/DW), Tirana, AL
Tirana, AL

© Visitor at Tirana Design Week 2019: Rethinking the Future

The aim of Tirana Architecture Week 2020 is the result of a moment of reflection for the Albanian architectural scene, after 30 years of transition and “shock therapy” urban development in Albania faced a dramatic change in its political and social panorama. 

The aim of Tirana Architecture Week is to promote international knowledge linked to practice and research activities, starting from the Albanian context and reaching out to the international scene. The challenge of this edition is to address the emergent need for change, understanding the key points passing from an area of transition to an area of radical and sustainable transformation.

1. Conference: An international scientific conference will be organized with the inclusion of 20 sessions. An open-call will follow this for sessions, which will be communicated via direct contact with interested parties, posters, email, and social media. This and the other parallel events will take place at different locations within the City of Tirana.

2. Workshops: We anticipate to have five to seven workshops of different topics related to the main theme of TAW – Tirana Architecture Weeks – Catalysts of Change that will result from the Open Ideas call of the Future Architecture Platform.

3. Exhibitions: Three thematic exhibitions will be organized in the framework of Tirana Architecture Week and will be exhibited in different locations in Tirana.

4. Lectures: Three main keynote lectures will be held and will be followed with discussions and debates with the public and invited professionals and participants.

5. Public Events: A particular focus will be given to Urban Provocations, as an alternative method to engage the public of Tirana in the activities. Also receptions, parties, PechaKucha Night Tirana and other recreational events distributed throughout TAW will be organized.