The Monster

Following the journy of the phenomenon of monstrosity

The Monster

Following the journy of the phenomenon of monstrosity
6 hypothesis as a prevention instead of catastrophe.
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First time i saw the monster was in 1900, it was a little baby. Later it would appear in all sizes from XS to BXXXL. The project takes its starting point in a little girls interpretation of what a monster is, Alexandr Rapaports theory of "Systematic crisis" in architecture and Rem Koolhaas' theory of bigness.

Following the development of architectural styles, 7 monsters have developed, all of them ignoring their contexts and creating their own: "The city in the city", "Architectural cannibalism", "Lack of reality", "Architectural spectacle", "Modern sexuality", "The leak in the sky" and finally the "Conquest of the irrational". Without getting to know the monster personally, it is difficult to categorize it as good or evil. Therefore, my project started out with a thorough analysis of the development of the monster, and concluded by proposing a monster for a site in Marseilles as a manifest against monstrosity.
Maybe: "What is missing in Architecture, is a good flood."

Birth and journey of the "Monster"

6 hypothesis as a prevetion instead of catastrophe

Three metaphors



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Iryna Tsioma
Wildersgade 60
København K
Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Iryna Tsioma is a french educated Architect currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her current passion are the uncontrolable phenomens in urban environments.

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