Innovative Center for Collaborative Learning in Art and Architecture


Innovative Center for Collaborative Learning in Art and Architecture
Rethinking and Experimenting Artistic and Architectural Education for the 21st Century
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Resource is an innovative center for experimenting with co-learning, co-working and co-living in the fields of arts and architecture located nearby Berlin, in the Brandenburg region, Germany.
The current generation of multi-disciplinary, flexible and creative professionals thrives on new collaborations and unique ways to envision, design, implement and learn from the experimental models they are working with. Today, more than ever, conceiving and creating alternative educational ecosystems that are able to react and adapt with a rapidly changing society is an absolute necessity.
Inheriting from avant-garde movements and alternative education experiences of the XXth century, Resource focuses on producing prospective scenarios for the future of the urban realm with an emphasis on the relationship between socio-political contexts and urban and architectural form.

The uniqueness of the production by pioneering educational institutions such as Bauhaus or Black Mountain College in the 1920-40’s or the Architectural Association in 1960-70’s, keeps transforming undoubtedly the production of contemporary architecture and discourses. Resource’s ambition aims to understand, experiment and update those references towards the production of 21st century avant-garde architecture with contemporary tools.

Throughout the course participants engage in projects with the staff and the guests as well as with specialists who are invited for 1 week periods in which they share everyday life with the participants, transforming the traditional professor-student relationship into a peer-to-peer exchange. Local experts will complete the programme by punctuating the weeks and proposing new inputs.

Self-governed and self-organized, Resource believes that students know the best what they want to learn. It provides as-needed experts according to the interests, needs and choices of the participants. Resource is constantly reinventing itself through the ethos of a flexible and dynamic work processes.

By offering such possibilities as building and experimenting on 1:1 models as well as developing collaboratively digital tools destined for urban actors, Resource provides a supporting environment for self-expression.

Creating Resource is the occasion to question the way we want to learn: by starting applying Resource principles on the rehabilitation of the historical building (former center of apprentice), students of universities together with international guests (architects, artists, designers, theoreticians, publishers, etc…) will collaboratively create the school they want and from which they will learn.

Idea by

Joanne Pouzenc, Cathy Larqué, Nicola Beißner
Urbanstrasse 64
Berlin, Lauchhammer
Resource is born from the collaboration of Joanne Pouzenc, Cathy Larqué and Nicola Beißner. Working at the intersection of Arts, Architecture and Education, they mingle their expertise in 2017 to create and develop Resource.

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