Acting out of the Niche

Fighting in Frankenstein Monsters Brain

Acting out of the Niche

Fighting in Frankenstein Monsters Brain
New Challanges in a complex Battlefield of heterogenous and (r)urban Areas.
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„Here is the brain of the monster, here you have to fight!“ Che Guevara to Jean Ziegler, 1964, Genf

Visitors often feel lost in between parking slots, huge billboards, shopping malls, commercial buildings and no mans land.

It seems hopeless to find answers, in these often misanthropic and wicked seeming areas that were built primary for a commercial world. But if we look closer, we discover a magical parallel-world of „otherness“ that was never planned.

This is the field of activity for a new generation of political thinking and acting architects, armed with some kind of guerrilla-tactics to continuously occupy neuralgic spaces. To prevent undeveloped land and „r-urban niches“ from a global sell-out they open them for citizens as a field of possibilities to enable new neighbourhoods and living spaces that create new identities.

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Christoph Wiesmayr
Kandlerweg 6
Christoph Wiesmayr (*1977 in Linz), Rurbanist, studied Architecture in Graz. In 2012 he founded the association “SCHWEMMLAND” with DI Bernhard Gilli. Since 2013 founder and publisher of “TREIB.GUT” an indipendent journal.

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