Fictions as a way of producing architecture.


Fictions as a way of producing architecture.
architecture can only be produced through fictional narratives.
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Images and drawings complement and contradict each other, unfolding each project as a series of visual metaphors. Collages are impressionist expressions, drawings are frozen rhetorics. Images have feelings, drawings are rational (unbearable sometimes in their seriousness).

Imprecise and speculative images are thus stronger tools than closed, photorealistic representations: they create a distance to reality. Collages combine references while searching for beauty in a blunt and naive way. Mistakes become valuable and fascination arises from the visual construction, from the manipulation of fragments in a world dense of references. Intellectual in intention, they are a fragile and humble portraying exercise, the marriage of architecture’s rationality with the inconsistent beauties of reality.

In the era of the media frenzy, where everything needs to be fast, shared, twitted, liked, etc, architecture needs to produce narratives in order to survive as a relevant discipline.

paraíso; fala©

ceuta; fala©

são brás; fala©

são brás; fala©

batalha; fala©

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Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkohdja
fala atelier
Rua da Fábrica 38, sala 31
FALA is a naïve architecture practice based in Oporto, led by Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares and Ahmed Belkhodja. Established in 2013, the atelier works with methodic optimism on a wide range of projects, from territories to birdhouses.

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