Model of Temporary Housing

Belgrade energy spots

Model of Temporary Housing

Belgrade energy spots
The main idea / tendency is the use of alternative forms of housing in different situations / contexts and their (complete in every sence) implementation in existing urban continent.
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First of all, the project aims at defining different models of housing in relation to selected contexts - spatial formations within a city, that have an adequate physical capacity to accommodate a certain number of people. Contexts of places define the typology of housing and settlements. The area of intervention is the city of Belgrade. The basic element to be used within the set of models is the basic unit. The basic unit is a module for the accommodation of a single family, whose multiplications is further formed as structure. Unpretentious and very cost-effective, this project has all the characteristics that can be categorized as sustainable systems. At the same time, it can be one of the answers to the chronic problem of vulnerable groups of the population to which towns are increasingly faced throughout the world. This is what we consider important and what should be sought in the architecture of the future.

Model of temporary housing

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Ana Dušmanović, Jelena Kojić, Jelena Stanković, Maja Kopta, Stefan Milićević, Mihailo Sladoje, Tijana Savić, Nikola Arsić
Tim 8 (Team 8)
Vojvode Šupljikca 6
In December 2015, Team 8 in cooperation with Reconstruction Women’s Fund, released a book called Model of temporary housing - from concept to implementation in the case of the Roma settlement. In April 2016 they received an award 38th of Salon of Architecture in the category of experiment and research.

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