ECO-TECH theatre

Open-air theatre for a rich use of (low-cost) materials

ECO-TECH theatre

Open-air theatre for a rich use of (low-cost) materials
The future of architecture is a rich use of (low-cost) eco-materials combined with hi-tech solutions
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This idea would influence the future of architecture being built and used. It is a temporary installation. It is mainly made with ecological materials like wood and (biodegradable/soil degradable) mulch film for agriculture. It is made of a canopy to give shelter from the sun (or the rain) and benches to offer relax to the users. It raises awareness on the use of eco-materials. It also offers the essential elements of a theatre: stage, proscenium and auditorium. It offers relax and privacy, but can also be used for performances (from dance to movies, from conferences to exhibitions). Combined with movement “sensors” and “actuators” the installation can offer a multi-layered experience, interacting both with the users and the exhibitions/performances with video-projections, immersive experiences, meta-cognitive interactions, digital tapestries, interactive or multi-dimensional staging adding extra contents to the physical exhibition.

Idea by

Gabriele Pitacco
via Timeus 12
I-34125 Trieste
After working for OMA and OBR Gabriele Pitacco founded GPA in 2009: the firm designed the Eko Kampus masterplan in Saranda (Albania), the Hydrodinamic Museum in Trieste (Italy) and was selected (with Libeskind, Miralles-Tagliabue, LAND, Culd, Co+E) for the Kodrina maserplan in Pristina, Kosovo. He graduated cum laude obtained a Ph.D and a master at the International School for Advanced Studies; won the Leonardo da Vinci grant, the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur grant and the DIANET postdoc grant

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