Life & Dust

A Human History Book

Life & Dust

A Human History Book
Life & Dust is a Martian dystopia where the Earth has disappeared and people walks through gigantic geodesic domes on Mars
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The Great Loss -the disappearance of the Earth- caused The Great Migration of Human race to Mars. The Red Planet has a much minor gravity, non-breathable air and sandstorms. The new state of the culture on Mars could be described as The Culture of Melancholia. A sandstorm from the window could remind us of rain back on Earth, and the same happened to songs, movies and books. However, there was something on Mars that really made us back on Earth for some hours. Mars was full of gigantic geodesic domes, like those Buckminster Fuller had designed for Manhattan on the 20th Century. These geodesic domes proportioned oxygen, wood, vegetables, fruits and botanicals scents. You could walk through entire forests which recreated different climates on Earth and that included fog, rain and frozen leaves. I was a water tanker for the Mars Liquid Water Corporation and I drove water to isolated bases located in remote regions on Mars.

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Enric Llorach - Nicolas Joos
Joan d'Àustria 20 2on
Vilanova i la Geltrú 08800
Enric Llorach is a PhD Architect based in Barcelona. Enric is Adjunct Faculty at ETSAB UPC and at CEA Globalcampus Barcelona. In 2017, Enric published "En el filo de la navaja. Arte, Arquitectura y Anacronismo" (Ediciones Asimétricas). Nicolas Joos is a Swiss artist based in Barcelona.

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