“Cooperation Tunnel”

Architecture should be the voice of those who cannot speak up for themselves

“Cooperation Tunnel”

Architecture should be the voice of those who cannot speak up for themselves
Architecture should serve people in need, those who leave their homeland to seek a better life.Creation of common neighborhoods of refugees with the locals show how mankind has yet revalued the kindness. Humanity is what matters.
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The time has come for architecture to be oriented towards world crisis problems .All the recent developments and the struggle of refugees coming from these countries, has made us think that architecture as a discipline with a great intellectual depth should serve and treat everyone equally and turn its role as an architecture for humanity.We have created a neighborhood that promotes equal treatment for all and raises awareness for both sides, those who welcome the refugees and refugees themselves. Usually we find it difficult to accept changes in our society, we tend to show a sense of selfishness towards unexpected changes and precisely on these questions this project is implemented.The neighborhood consists of 8 houses which include 4 types, such as:A (2 members), B ( 4 members), C ( 6 members) and D (8 members) , they can be added based on the number of residents we intend to accommodate.

The "tunnel" enables the separation of private space, as a terrace with your neighbors, thus removing the first symbolic boundary towards change and new people.

These houses are linked to each other through the so-called "Cooperation Tunnel", an architectural intervention that symbolically conveys the linkage message created between residents. Furthermore this would help to the cultivation of a common garden, whose products can be sent to local brands with writing description such as "From Syria with Love", "We made it till here", or other examples that show refugee’s sacrifice and reflect the effort they have made to achieve at this point

Project tends to make locals share their time in public spaces with people who left their homeland just to be secure.Merging these groups into a common neighborhood that is specially designed to solve this problem makes it possible to restore the human values of our society.

The future of architecture is in contrast to snobbery, the future of architecture is the treatment of those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Idea by

Vildane Maliqi,Bersant Rahimaj
st"Muharrem Fejza",Prishtine
We are two young architects looking forward to leave footprints as changemakers in architecture field, Together we have participated in various local and international competitions that have formed us professionally and realized that our approach to architecture evolves while working.Our not too distant history as a country made us emotionally connected with the project and we hope that this idea will serve as a long-term solution

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