About Waterproof Living

A responsive solution to maximise land area and embrace climate change.

About Waterproof Living

A responsive solution to maximise land area and embrace climate change.
To produce elevated or floating buildings that can be placed on land prone to flooding and safe-guard nature.
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This concept could open up development possibilities to land considered risky to build on and encourages a responsive, intelligent, engaging house type. Our Orbital Housing Concept involves 11 solar detached houses around an oval hub with exterior communal territory. A pool of Amphibious Autonomously Driven cars placed around the one-way single-lane roads reduces car ownership and parking. Doors and gates are submarine quality and front elevation walls are waterproof so flooding heights can rise to 1.6m above road level. The car park roofscape is a series of interlocking ringlets to create a wilderness park. Drones knit rope bridges during periods of flood for access. The scheme also benefits from underground vacuum pipe refuse collection. The pipes can be utilized to pump surface water to a reservoir. The 93 sqm houses have gardens at ground level and secluded roof top spaces. Vertical gardens clad lower and the upper flank walls mirror light and reflections of nature into the houses.

Rear View of Orbital House.

Lower Ground Master Plan during dry periods (on the left) and flooded periods (on the right).

Upper Level Master Plan during dry period (on the left) and Flooded periods (on the right) with the temporary bridges in place.

The Elevations during the flooding period.

The Floor Plans of the Detached House.

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Graham Brown
38 Lynch Hill Park
United Kingdom
Graham is a dynamic Architect who is focused on applying pioneering parametric Architectural solutions to complex sites or brief challenges. He has three decades of experience working in the Housing, Branding, Education and Hospitality Sectors. He recently set up Envelope Architects Ltd to investigates new design methodologies. Graham is currently developing the practice's inventive envelopment process to produce unique Architectural Designs influenced by new technologies and materials.

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