A Modular Stadium

A Politically Friendly Stadium

A Modular Stadium

A Politically Friendly Stadium
A modular stadium typology that challenges the notion of permanence and the inevitable economic burden
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This modular stadium typology can actually have a purpose after a mega-event like the 2018 World Cup is over. The stadium can be deconstructed and dispersed into various sites of these host cities, my example being Kalingrad, Russia. If a stadiums sole function is the exhibition of sport, then why do they cost so much, produce tons of C02, cause annually hundreds of migrant worker deaths, and at the end, mostly never get utilized.

The world cup has always brought joy and unity to the nations hosting. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that it became a financial, economic and infrastructural burden. I seek to counteract this trend. Regarding Kalingrad, this could empower the politically charged city into hosting a world cup that would benefit spectators but also make a positive impact on Kalingrad locally. These fragmented modules could turn into kiosks, social spaces and food venues, benefiting the population and creating a stadium ‘afterlife’.

Approach view

Conceptual diagram of bleacher modules plugging in and out of stadium system

Axonometric drawing of one of three types of bleacher modules

Diagram showing transport method. Trucks would be able to arrive on site, load bleacher modules onto truck beds, and drive off to respective sites around the host city to deploy these modules in a new context

Illustration of what could happen once modules are deployed in a given sight. In this case, a residential court yard is occupied by these modules which can 'unpack' and transform into new structures forming shelters, seating areas, and what I like to call ‘politically chat rooms’, intended for the people of Kalingrad to gather and socialize, discuss the topics of today, namely the tense atmosphere of their home country.

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Born and raised in Austria with Egyptian and Italian heritage. After growing up in Vienna, I attended Cornell University earning my B. Arch in architecture. I gained extensive experience in the design industry working for architecture offices in New York and Vienna. I have been involved in the design and construction of several project types, including but not limited to, hospitality, community centers, villages, master plans and high-end restaurants.

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