One man's trash is another man's treasure


One man's trash is another man's treasure
Reshaping the future of buried legends
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Every big infrastructural project of the past, which was erected and mothballed is considered to be a legendary place. But how can we find a place for the legends in the project of the future?

‘|G|host stations’ calls into question revival scenarious for the underused subway stations. What has changed? Why this places at some point became unclaimed? This project aims to manifest the constant presence of such places in cities and presume potential ways of re-programming and arousing them. Prospective locations for the (re)birth are Lvivska Brama and Telychka (Kyiv/Ukraine), Valkyrie Plass (Oslo, Norway), Piscine Molitor (Paris/France), The Antwerp Premetro (Antwerp,Belgium).

Space re-programming will shape thought public Q&A sessions which will include work with the history layers, context analysis, exhisting structure study and development the place vision with attentive activity program.

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Yullia Zalomaikina
Yuliia Zalomaikina is an architect from Ukraine specialized in adaptive re-use of industrial buildings. She worked with an architectural firms based in Kyiv, Zurich and Lyon.

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