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The last bastion of domestic privacy has fallen

Bed News

The last bastion of domestic privacy has fallen
The bed, originally used for sleeping, has changed its function to accommodate the full spectrum of human activities: it has opened itself to the public sphere becoming a social tool for working, sharing, communicating and entertaining
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Over the last century the bedroom has been considered as the most intimate space of the house, the place to retreat during the few un-productive moments of our lives. In the Hannes Meyer's Co-op Zimmer, the bedroom was conceived as the space for self-chosen seclusion, for thinking and concentration – opposite to the workplace, the street, or the club. Offering comfort and relaxation, individualized rooms became the norm in modern times. Unlike communal societies of the past, the bedroom emphasized privacy, even from our own family.

Looking at the changing attitudes toward the space that contains the bed, the bedroom seems having lost its specialization recently; it is no longer a space for sleeping only. Now that production, re-production, and social life have blurred the domestic space, the activities once related to the public domain have inexorably entered the bedroom.

What is a bed?

A place for working

An event space

A stage

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Fabrizio Furiassi, Matteo Novarino, Sebastiano Palamara, Patrizio Sbarra
Via Etruria 41, 00183
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