Adopting the Universal

Adopting the Universal

Universal architecture as a way to structure the common in the society of entropic individualism
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Our world is the one of constantly increasing entropy, rather than the ancient world of hierarchy or the modern world of progress. The history has collapsed into a constant stream of presence.

The widespread digital information exchange has dramatically enhanced the perception and use of architecture. Now it is a vast reservoir of everything that has ever related to spatial organization. Every information has become available at any time, anywhere.

Localization of architecture neither takes the advantage of contemporary reality, nor contributes to the common good. It is just a rhetorical mask of brutal neoliberal cynicism and paternalism.

The idea of the universal on the other hand embraces this situation while being critical to the omnipresent forces of individualism. Architecture - the core discipline of spatial organization, has always been a collective domain, overlapping the picturesque myth of localism and overarching the historical narrative invented by the modern age.

Alexis Bookshop, Plural+Totalstudio, 2010

Summer Pavilion for Slovak National Gallery, Plural+Totalstudio, 2011

Future of Brno Centre, competition, Plural+Totalstudio, 2015

Nová Synagóga, Plural, 2011-

Archizines, exhibition, Plural+Ľubica Segečová, 2012

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Račianska 80
Plural is an architecture office based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was founded by Martin Jančok (*1978) in 2009, Michal Janák (*1987) joined the office in 2013. Notable project is the revitalization of the neologic synagogue in Žilina designed by Peter Behrens and its transformation into a contemporary exhibition space Nová synagóga. Other recognized built projects include Alexis bookshop, Summer Pavilion for the Slovak National Gallery and House in a House in Bernolákovo.

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