12 Life Factories

Collective Assembles

12 Life Factories

Collective Assembles
An assembly of singular processes, each a responce to 12 fundamental programs, essential to the organization of collective societies.
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In response to the production of architectures that seek to define territories, establish fields or generate capital, we propose a return to the manifesto of Hannes Meyer in an attempt to re-frame contemporary dialogues between architecture, culture and the ever more submissive relationship the two have to speculative capital.

This project builds on a program for the organization of habitation outlined by Hannes Meyer. The program was published in a 1928 manifesto called Bauen. The manifesto lists 12 motivations for making / organizing architecture:

sex life, sleeping habits, pets, gardening, personal hygiene, weather protection, hygiene in the home, car maintenance, cooking, heating, exposure to the sun, services

Each motivation frames a singular life process of any potential inhabitant. These points demarcate essential generators of life, giving form to the uprooted life industrialization brought to the modern inhabitants of collective society.

In our project, each of the 12 points are read as a singular program, associated with a singular condition. Each program and condition is taken as a generator for singular architectures for 12 fundamental aspects of modern life. Each architecture investigates the potential and contentions to architecture today to discuss the fundamental life processes that architecture encapsulates.

CONDITION: exposure / privacy, finite
SCALE: domestic, 1:50
PROGRAM: drive through
noun : sex life
1. a person’s sexual activity and relationships considered as a whole

CONDITION: channel, finite
SCALE: individual, 1:25
PROGRAM: bath house
adjective : personal
1. belonging to or affecting a particular person
noun : hygiene
1. conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease

CONDITION: parking, finite
SCALE: urban, 1:100
PROGRAM: Parking
verb : park; gerund or present participle: parking
1. bring (a vehicle that one is driving) to a halt and leave it temporarily

CONDITION: mass, finite
SCALE: domestic, 1:50
PROGRAM: hearth
noun : Heating
1. make or become hot or warm

Idea by

Andrea Pinochet, Espen Vatn, James Hamilton, Richard Øiestad, Børre Mølstad
Vertical Brigade
Maridalsveien 29
Andrea Pinochet and Espen Vatn are practicing architects and educators in Oslo, Norway. Richard Øiestad is a practising architect with his own studio KVNST. Børre Mølstad is a graduate of AHO and currently practice both design and architecture in Oslo. James Hamilton is a practicing architect and education in Stockholm, Sweden.

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