From fields of domination to fields of collaboration


From fields of domination to fields of collaboration
Symbiocene is a project that aims to create a series of beehives from invasive plants, exploring interspecies relationships that constitute well-being of future cities
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The project is a practical exploration of the complex interspecies dynamics in present urban ecosystems. It takes the problem of dominant invasive plants as a reflection of globalised capitalist economy. With their overruling natures, these monocultures displace native species and weaken the resilience of ecosystems.

It's time humans recognise the synergic interconnectedness among species as a necessity in sustaining desired conditions for life on Earth. Authors propose a series of urban beehives made from the wood of invasive trees as an invitation to a new era - symbiocene. Thus created synergies among human and more-than-human actors (bees, humans & invasive plants) can become a showcase for negotiating competitive relations into symbiotic. To overcome capitalist, anthropocentric perspectives on economy, urbanisation and nature, the beehives serve as a critical tool for questioning how and with whom to collaborate to build a diverse web of life and exchange in our future cities.

Perceiving economy as a way of organising nature

Deconstructing urbanisation

Mobilising surplus of nature’s hyperproduction

Activating spaces of interspecies learning

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Gaja Mežnarić Osole & Andrej Koruza
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Gaja Mežnarić Osole is a Ljubljana based designer. After finishing masters in systemic design at Goldsmiths in London, she started working in cross-disciplinary fields between design, ecology and participation. Andrej Koruza ( attended the Mosaic School of Friuli. His interdisciplinary practice consists of leading the production and wood workshop in a collective of designers, architects and craftsmen, producing various mosaic installations and creating intermedia installations.

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