Adapting Cities to Climate Changes

Networks of smart and safe hubs

Adapting Cities to Climate Changes

Networks of smart and safe hubs
A network, to engage in the cities, of smart and safe hubs designed for the natural calamities
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The architecture evolves slowly adapting to climate, political and cultural changes. In the last decades the architecture has begun to confront with the energy topics; in the next it will must mainly confronted with the climate changes. It's utopic to think we can totally adapt the cities without distinctions. We need of new criteria, which we don't know perfectly yet because they are fixed by nature. It isn't important to create utopian visions but begin to insert in our cities, with a logic of urban acupuncture, a network of smart and safe hubs (architectures that rise from the ground thanks pistons and sensors capable of detecting the water level, structures able to withstand the stresses of hurricanes and ensure water, food, electricity and satisfy the others primary needs) designed in function to the natural phenomena (floods, heat waves, hurricanes, etc..). This strategy will allows to have time for a gradual and slow overall adaptation.

The present

The underwater future of many European cities

Concept of smart and safe hub

Network grafted in the city

The future

Idea by

Moggia Simone, D'Angelantonio Tiziana
KK Architetti Associati
Galleria Goito 30
La Spezia
KK was founded in 2005 with an international vision with particular focus for the urban strategies. A holistic approach, possible thanks many skills acquired, allow to KK of investigate the city as a social, environmental and economic laboratory with particular attention to the dimension of the landscape, the sustainability of the processes, green architecture and urban ecosystem. Mainly instrument of work is the design competition. In ten years KK won 11 first prizes and others 15 prizes.

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