The New Green

Activating the Public Realm through an acupuncture of Fiction

The New Green

Activating the Public Realm through an acupuncture of Fiction
the presence of fiction will foster a collective dimension of re-appropriation of the public realm
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The New Green is a series of little monuments scattered in the urban realm, that perform as chroma-key devices (green-screen) in the public space of the city.

These new sets are a physical framework that fosters imagination, interaction and multiple narratives of urban appropriation.

These little sculptures could be the basis for endless possible curatorial projects on the city, as well as an instrument of activation and injection of public life: an ever-changing image archive of juxtaposition.

The virtual level they generate, is squatting a space left free by reality; it's an agent of change, transforming the public domain into a territory of self-expression and encounter, an open stage for collective rites and individual action, a place of dialogue, negotiation and debate.

The little monuments are both furniture and stages for the city.
The green color is the boundary of infinite urban images yet to come.

The series of little chroma-key monuments are the punctual devices for a pervasive injection of fiction into the ordinary backdrops of public reality.

These sets are both a break on the regular urban image, as well as a stage for infinite performances; a public device for action as well as a spark to imagine things different.

Idea by

Sara Angelini; Alessio Valmori
de Gayardon Bureau
via Mura F. Comandini 2
The Bureau is an office for architecture, landscape and cities, currently based in Italy. In 2016 the Bureau is selected among the 4 finalists in the international competition hosted by the Nordic Built Organization. In 2015 the Bureau gets selected among the 5 finalists of the Young Architecture Program, at MAXXI Rome - YAP 2016. In 2015 de Gayardon Bureau won the 2nd prize in the international competition Euopan 13 - Germany

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