Layer II

A Reflexion About the Architecture of Today. And Tomorrow.

Layer II

A Reflexion About the Architecture of Today. And Tomorrow.
The cities are all built. But space still needs to be defined. The Layer II.
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The Architecture of today, the new facades, the new materials, the new construction are no longer possible. There is no more place for architecture. The cities are all built. There are no more empty plots for new buildings. We can’t demolish to build new, we exhaust our natural resources. The Architecture as we know today is dead.
But city’s inhabitants increase every day. Space needs to be created. Space, the only matter for architecture. Space, the real task for architects.
Layer II: A new order will be added to the existing fabric. A new layer that will control the space. It is based on a mathematic formula, with two variables. X, the existing context. Y, the new space to be generated. The tension between the two elements makes it possible to exist. One is not possible without the other. This new reality has no facade, material or colour. Still, it defines volume and space. Space, the forgotten material from today’s architecture. Space the material of tomorrow.

Based on a Portico, it can be endless and have multiple combinations.
Layer II can be divided when touching the floor, adapting its scale to the spaces to be generated.

Layer II will generate new centralities, based on attraction points and lines.

Layer II will invade the cities and defined a new landscape scenario.

When touching the public space, Layer II generates new space structures for public appropriation.

In combination with the existing buildings, Layer II will create new possibilities. A room is now more than just one space.

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Anti-Material-Architecture. An anonymous group of architects and thinkers. From different cities around the globe. Common point: the disappointment with today's architecture.

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