Make Room for the Unpredictable

Can availability of space be productive for our future?

Make Room for the Unpredictable

Can availability of space be productive for our future?
From space to place with productiveness.
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The unpredictability of future explains the design strategy of the project. The first goal is to increase the public space and decre the private ones along Kartner Strasse. We are able to do that with our win-win process. Kartner Strasse will become the center of interests for the future in the process when all potential areas will be transformed into public spaces. The non construction politic will belong to the will of flexibility and availability of public spaces. What will happen on Kartner Strasse is going to have its own effects on all the projects area through a win win process of land leasing. A minimum part of the non constructed private lands will be taken by the municipality in exchange of tax reduction and a new space into the designed clusters. The entire new network of ‘empty’ plots and paths will be connected with the main arteria in an occasion to rethink the future of Graz.

From public to private.


Future development of empty plots.

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Michela Caserini, Marco Iembo, Giorgio Carlo Pesenti, Rebecca Felline, Gabriel Angelico, Marija Zivic
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We are the group of 6 people that met at Politecnico di Milano and worked together on several projects during our Master studies. Our work is concentrated to different scales that are related with the development of our project. We worked as a team on this project for Europan 2017- Productive cities. Two members are currently in China while others are in Milan. Our group is consisted of 5 Italians and one Serbian.

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