The Utter City

Or, the cheapest way to dwell in Manhattan.

The Utter City

Or, the cheapest way to dwell in Manhattan.
The world we live in has never been this small: it's time to design it.
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The ancients built their villages in favourable sites along rivers or next to the sea: they well understood that the key for their villages to become the cities we all know lay in an efficient access to the rest of the World.

It's high time that our generations – just like our ancestors' did – begin to capitalise on the most effective transport means of this time: airports.

The Utter City is the project and the plan of an higher-ground metropolis, a theatre permanently staging the drama of everything and the comedy of the whole, a physical condenser of matter and thought, of stories and lives and objects.

This is the tale of the complexity mankind has built so far, and one of many possible roadmaps leading to its sublimation.

This is the shortest bridge from anywhere to the rest of the World – or, the cheapest way to live in Manhattan.

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Samuel Iuri + Valentina Rodani
Valentina and Samuel are enthusiastic graduate architectural students working on their thesis at University of Trieste. In 2013 they founded AUT71, a cultural association focusing on Architecture and its aura, and their works include exhibitions, multimedia installations and publications as "Il Libro Giallo". Their approach embraces visual arts, graphic design and critical thinking, with strong interest in literature and philosophy.

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