open proposal for a strategic framework for a systemic change


open proposal for a strategic framework for a systemic change
PLAYCity is a strategic framework fostering play-based urban regeneration processes
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PLAYCity creates the enabling conditions to regenerate spaces, enhancing a collective design capacity based on the notion of play, intended as a way of understanding and to intervene aimed to promote actions based on entertainment, ethics, active involvement of body and senses, informality, freedom and cooperation.

PLAYCity aims to connect architectural projects for public space, digital platform for civic empowerment, together with educational and research programs.
The key notions underlying the framework are:
- reverse ecology
- urban metabolism
- open source
- information technology
- edutainment
- civic economy

The combination and hybridisation of these themes informs the development of a series of projects, through which to reimagine the urban space as a playground continuously evolving, in which each citizen is an active player.
The main goals is to promote solutions of higher impact in order to create new urban values for a systemic change.

Idea by

Dario Pompei, Valerio Galeone, Saverio Massaro
Via Roma 50
Ronciglione (VT)
Architectural practice that operates in the fields of architecture and urban planning, temporary exhibits and graphic design. Research and experimentation activity has as a main subject the design of temporary architectures for the urban space, defined by a research of balance between a “do-it-yourself” approach and digital thinking. The office was one of the five finalists of the national competition YAP-Young Architects Program 2016 and has been included in the catalogue ‘Lazio Creativo’ 2017

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