No Place for Urban Art

No Place for Urban Art

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The following is an attempt to situate Urban Art within the philosophical tradition with and against Plato's exclusion of the mimetic artist from the well-ordered city-state. It take into account modern as well as postmodern literature on the concept of art and the city in order to rehabilitate a place for art within the city limits without sacrificing its potential to call into question any clear-cut limit the philosophical tradition has attempted to draw around the concepts of the subject, the work of art and the city itself.

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Literary Theorist Jonas Aaron Rehm - Artist / Architect Christos Voutichtis
Frankfurt am Main
Jonas Rehm MA student at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt _____________________________________________ Christos Voutichtis ( Architect / Artis Graduated Architecture 2012 (diploma) Post-graduate-studies 2012 - 2014 Product / Material Design - Electronic media BDA- SARP Award 2012-2013

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