Open, inclusive and interactive architecture for children. Because future lies in their hands.


Open, inclusive and interactive architecture for children. Because future lies in their hands.
Where does the future of architecture starts? Like anywhere - with children.
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Learnscapes are designed as open-ended, adaptable outdoor structures, that can be build by local resources and materials through time. A place for innovative school processes, a social space of interaction, enabling physical activity and inspiring kids to interact with its environment.

Learnscapes are outdoor classrooms, libraries under tree canopies, grow your own lunch gardens, open-air theatre, hidden kiss-me spots, shading pergolas, etc.

Learnscapes are inclusive. Designed in collaboration of architects and landscape architects with teachers and children from the school who are directly involved in the process.

Learnscapes are getting build. Designs of pavilions are constantly checked and evaluated by the development of physical models. Build with basic local materials with help of school children and their parents.

Learnscapes are social catalysts for the whole community using school playgrounds. And the prototype for inclusive architecture of the city of Ljubljana.

Learnscapes are the architecture of knowledge, understanding and beauty - promoting respect over the cultural and environmental ignorance. Beyond architecture of telling stories there is architecture of involvement.
What is told is to be forgotten.
What you teach is to be remembered.
But when we get involved is when we learn.

Learnscape Design & Prototype Workshop held at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana (December 2016), using advanced design techniques and computer aided prototyping ( in collaboration with RogLab 3D workshop), supported by the Valentin Vodnik Elementary School.

Workshop presentation enabled debate among the Ljubljana's Faculty of architecture dean and Valentin Vodnik elementary school's principal on the topic of building the Learnscape pavilion.

School children at the workshop (January 2017) commenting on pavilion designs. The workshop goal was the children's collaboration at the design process.

Learnscape pavilion plan on the site at Valentin Vodnik Elementary School in Ljubljana.

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Miha Čebulj
Miha Čebulj studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, where he currently works and is engaged in PhD on the responsive architecture. He finished post-graduate studies at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam on the associative design. Worked at OMA and Sadar+Vuga, where he was project manager of the Arena Stožice project. 12+ years of experience working on 10+ award winning proposals and 15+ built projects. Participated in and tutored several international exhibitions and workshops.

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