Landscape Film Festival

Connecting Talent, Capturing Cities

Landscape Film Festival

Connecting Talent, Capturing Cities
Everyday architecture and the city are (re)discovered and (re)valued through fiction
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Landscape Film Festival focuses on reusing and (re)discovering what already exists: new film sets aren’t needed seeing as the city and its unique architecture are being used as the main creative driving force. Both elements play a central role in the festival as protagonists and infrastructure, but mainly represent our contemporary society through the inhabitants (filmmakers) and interpretation of their environment with the expression of it in the form of fictional stories (short films).

In addition to its reuse of urban spaces, the festival also serves as a social tool, encouraging the encounter between its inhabitants, and reevaluation of forgotten places that fall outside the gentrified touristic routes. The festival influences the future of architecture by offering new perspectives to our everyday environment and reflects the way citizens and cities interact and affect each other.

Landscape is a New Kind Of Film Festival where Learn, Network, Share and Create

Participants are formed into teams and challenged to produce a short film in two weeks with total strangers.

There is absolute freedom regarding genre and style, the only premise given is a location within the city where their story has to take place.

The festival is itinerant and takes place each year in a different city. In 2014, it took place in Berlin.

Barcelona Landscape Film Festival 2015

Idea by

Marta Ordeig / Carmen Garcia
Marta: Film production, Creative Direction & Entrepreneurship. Carmen: PR, Communication & Entrepreneurship.

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