Urban Pauses

A pause is a piece from bigger story.

Urban Pauses

A pause is a piece from bigger story.
Revitalisation of the passive spaces through temporary architecture for better living environment!
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An urban pause characterises different transitional processes of the spaces in the city. It can be an abandoned house or an empty land waiting for new developments, a ruin or a stopped building construction. Everything changes around us constantly, thus the temporariness of the space is something to keep in mind when activating the urban pause. Project asks what is temporary in architecture and how it can contribute to everyday rhythms in the cities.
Like in music, a pause is a piece from bigger story. Project aims to find and generate positively effecting solutions for urban pauses to impact the future of our living environment according to context of the place. It maps and analyses different possibilities and strategies to revitalize passive urban pauses. The project seeks the potentials and qualities of temporary places to adapt them with future ideas and challenges. Urban pauses are perfect places to try out new solutions within limited time and space!

Idea by

Eve Komp
Eve Komp is an architect and currently works at Allianss Arhitektid office. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture and also studied at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Over the last few years, her focus has been on soft, changing space. With Grete Veskiväli and Kristi Tuurmann she has done several collaborational works under name Punktiir.

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