Hidden Architecture

Construction of a new historiography of Architecture from the periphery

Hidden Architecture

Construction of a new historiography of Architecture from the periphery
We aim to study architecture parallel to the official discourse trying to confront current theories.
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We could claim undoubtedly that Media has determined over the last decades what is interesting in Architecture and what is not, tracing the main inclinations beyond technical, urban or social affairs.

Define a center.

Pro-Western, unequivocal, globalizing, homogenizing, unidirectional, submissive.

Take out the difference, the unclassifiable, the ambiguous, transverse, uncomfortable.

Find the periphery out.

What would happen if we redefine the historiography of architecture through the concept of subtraction?

Its low commercial value as a brand, regardless of the architectural quality provokes that its impact as goods can only be defined as circumstantial.


A large proportion of publication works to these interests. They construct an imaginary of the discipline empty of criticism and easily identifiable by its docility to system.

However, we want to raise a resistance instead of following these commercial strategies.

Hidden Architecture

Diagram of the Hidden Architecture

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Alberto Martinez Garcia, Hector Rivera Bajo
Calle Ramon Gomez de la Serna 155, 6D
Alberto Martinez and Hector Rivera are two Spanish architects. They have been awarded with one of the 2016 COAM awards, at the XIII Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and have been published in the "Arquia/ Proxima 2016: Futuro Imperfecto". Alberto is an architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and has a master from the Cooper Union (New York) and Hector is an architect from the School of Architecture of the University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid).

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