Connecting People to Power


Connecting People to Power
Phi is a platform that connects people in remote off-grid communities to clean, low-cost energy improving their living conditions.
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Phi is positioned at the intersection of human-centred design, peer-to-peer blockchain networks, and sustainable energy. We take a lean approach, leveraging our expertise in design, urban research, systems thinking, and anthropology to make renewable energy solutions easy to use.
Many remote off-grid communities in Russia generate their electricity with imported fossil fuels that are expensive, unreliable, and harmful to the environment. While these areas supply the majority of Russia’s natural resources, the people of far-north struggle with extremely low average temperatures, and spend up 50% of their income on energy.
Phi proposes to put power in the hands of people making communities more resilient and self-sufficient. Phi helps community leaders go from having no culture of dealing with electricity, to possessing the tools and knowledge to share energy, accelerate new alternative energy sources, take control of their own development and improve their living conditions.

A model of renewable energy micro-grid can be shared with every off-grid community.

Resilient infrastructure that is secure against manipulation by corrupt actors provides reliable and cheap electricity.

A data and visualization dashboard that provides an interface for co-operative energy that is user-friendly, advocacy oriented, and helpful for both public users and larger scale municipalities.

Web-based simulation interface offers tools for designing networks of renewable energy resources, and visualising energy transactions.

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Calum Bowden, Cory Levinson, Aliaksandra Smirnova, Artem Stepanov, Aiwen Yin
The collective started 9 months ago while the founders were taking part in an interdisciplinary think tank at the Strelka Institute in Moscow. So far we’ve developed a proof-of-concept web simulation environment ( based on the remote Russian community of Ust-Karsk, that intended to help people in Russia imagine new ways of dealing with energy. Our goal is to establish Phi as a social enterprise, and build a test case that we scale to other remote off-grid communities.

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