Self-Constructed Paradigms

Let’s drop the ‘-lonialism’ and take the ‘CO-‘!

Self-Constructed Paradigms

Let’s drop the ‘-lonialism’ and take the ‘CO-‘!
Close-up, melt with the inhabitants and co-create a local self-paradigm of architecture. Co-build it and give them the tools to re-shape it for a continuous updating in the face of successive needs.
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Plurality: specified futures.

A bottom-up approach to create commons. Sharing local resources - materials, businesses, humans - based on a points of view medley ‘I architect’ ‘we org’ ‘you mason’ ‘she seller’ considering a less common perspective more powerful. The co-operation of roles. A demand for active participation.

A circular architecture that covers the whole cycle - from conceptualization and production to maintenance and long term impact - based on a value chain and producing acts of resistance, autonomous from market and government’s authority. Community engagement not pretending to be a parallel society, but crucial for a cohesive state building. It’s just architecture being ruled by the specific social needs and local synergies, instead of global businesses’ opportunities of supply-demand, considered as macroeconomic matter that must be addressed at national, continental, or owadays, world level.

The reclaim of critical regionalism at the service of social needs.

Manifesto on passivity, (co-created on Revista Dédalo # 10). A critique of resignation and belief in a higher authority (God in the manifesto, but that could be capitalism, Financial Markets, Global Governance ...) as a savior.

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Sara Neves + Filipe Estrela
Rua Cândido dos Reis, No. 137
Our learning and training is formal and postmodern. Currently we're looking to bring our solid background on matter technique and form conceptualisation in the service of contemporary social needs. Where bottom-up, sustainability or commons are hand in hand with firmitas, utilitas and venustas. We work together with other organizations (now: Drishtee, In / WeCameFromSpace, Pt) believing that only a multidisciplinary approach can answer to the complexity of social change.

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