Mass Man

Re-evolution of public space

Mass Man

Re-evolution of public space
"Urban planners have yet to learn the deep truth. It is that people can be social only when they are somehow protected from each other. Without barriers and boundaries, without mutual distance that forms the impersonal essence, people are destructive. "(Sennett, 2015: 363)
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Tower appears as a focal point in the surface by which cities are defined.The very choice of the vertical is because of its graphic symbolism of a city that can take us from this stagnant piazza to a whirl of vertigo.Cities are also defined by lines, streets,directions of movement,tramlines.These are dimensions that create boundaries,produce visual and physical barriers.What type of architecture fits erected public space?The type that is formed by "action",which changes its shape and location,that finds its meaning in more places at once.The tower is a nomad and adapts to occasion.It brings good things to a new space. An attempt to transform an engaged homo faber, a “man who has no time” to a “man curious”,prone to play and discovery of what we all innately did with first breath.Play.The tower invites us to play so we could recall the first step of sociability: question, greeting, introduction, chat and restores the lost "geography of the public".

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Tower in nature

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Kristina Bartolić, Marja Mia Kolendić, Anita Krmek, Maša Medoš
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Kristina Bartolić works as an architect in Istria, Croatia. She worked and lived abroad before settling in Pazin. Marja Kolendić and Anita Krmek opened an architecture studio together in Zagreb after working in various fields of architecture. Maša Medoš, together with partner, opened an architecture studio earlier this year.

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