A new concept of Living Environment

A new concept of Living Environment

Disconnecting the virtual reality from the real life
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The new digital era forces us to reconsider the demands of our surroundings and to find new solutions for preserving important human values connected with personal development and family relationships.
In the living environment a man acts as a unit of family, as an individual and nowadays as a unit of society in social networks. A continual presence of virtual communication in living environment mixes up these roles within real and virtual realities and also within Time (past-present-future). The basic concept of this project is to make deeper perception of these roles by separating them into the definite space and time area.
The living environment is consisted of several units: Family unit, Individual unit, Social-web unit and Guest unit. They are separated from each other by open-air green corridors. This is an endeavor to make a closer relationship between Nature and living environment.

The openness of these units to the external environment depends on the form and perception of the interconnection between individual and family, as well as between individual and outer world.

Family unit - This part is located in the center and it is entirely open to the outer world especially to the Individual units providing deeper interconnection between family members.

Individual unit - These units are generally closed to the outer world. Connection between external environment is directed upwards and also towards the family unit, which provides a chance for an individual to be alone with himself, at the same time to have an opportunity to be in indirect connection between family members.

Social-net work unit - This unit is open to the outer world and to the Individual units partially. The opportunity to be in virtual communication in social networks is available only in this unit, because the other units are planned for real connection or for seclusion.

Guest unit - Hospitality, especially during war periods the readiness to accept relatives or refugees under their own roof, is a very important custom in Armenian culture and now-day world. In order to preserve this tradition, a special unit is planned for guests.

Idea by

Christine Abrahamyan
Christine Abrahamyan is a Yerevan based designer with 14 years of experience in the field of interior and conceptual design. In the course of the above mentioned period she has been carrying out various projects in collaboration with museums, architectural companies as well as individuals. She took part in international architectural-design competitions winning several prizes including The 50th Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition in Tokyo, 2016 (2-nd prize).

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