Multi Religious Temple

A temple sold everywhere that can be achieved by anyone

Multi Religious Temple

A temple sold everywhere that can be achieved by anyone
Future architecture has to promote communication among individuals and the expression of subjectiveness in all fields, including religion
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MRT proposes a new religious temple typology with a commercial dimension that can be achieved by any user, is delivered in a standard package around the world and can be erected everywhere by two people in one day.
The project has two major dimensions : its content (temple of religious synthesis) and the container (a commercial object). It has a this richness of meaning that allows multiple interpretations according not only to aesthetically / ethically / moral subjectiveness but also to collective / cultural religious beliefs. MRT can be identifed by potential religious users both as a blasphemy or ecumenic since it exposes the “other” as part of the same root and is delivered like other commercial product. MRT is an object strongly attached to the cultural context of religion but with a deconstruction of meaning that allows several interpretations and uses that are totally dependent of its users.

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Cláudia Melo
Calçada da Boa Hora 71 3º esquerdo
Architect with a MSc in “Environmental Design and Engineering ” , from University College London, London (2004 ) , and bachelor degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University , Lisbon (1995 ) . 20 years of professional experience in all types of buildings, regardless of scale and typology , and at all stages of development and project monitoring and work , including the sustainability component in building .

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