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The evolution will not be urbanized

Institute for Autonomous Urbanism

The evolution will not be urbanized
The disruptive developments of dispersed infrastructure frames a moment in time where we can fundamentally reconceive of how we make, fund, and even conceptualize the world that surrounds us and how we engage with the possibilities of a new Autonomous Urbanism
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Cities began as a simple collection of individuals sharing common elements. They have slowly evolved to include megageopolitical networks. These systems have been manifested by large, far reaching governmental and corporate built forms. With the emergence of dispersed infrastructural realities [mobiles, pvs, drones, etc], we stand at a disruptive moment – where the assumed reliance of human habitat upon top down forms is in question.

Our current reality of global capitalism has left our rural lands behind. Whether the vacancies of Italy, villagers in China, or small town America; the challenges facing the rural have yet to be resolved. But there are hints in constellation urbanism for alternative futures for our rural habitats. The necessity for greater logistical, ecological, and economical connections in these places to our new global reality can be seen in dispersed infrastructures and accompanying Autonomous Urbanisms. A new form of interdependent individuality is possible.

our habitats are not merely spatial


back to the future

constellation urbanism

New York prior to invention of car and elevator

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Jason Hilgefort
Institute for Autonomous Urbanism
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Jason Hilgefort studied at the University of British Columbia and the University of Cincinnati. He has worked with Peter Calthorpe, Rahul Mehrotra, Maxwan, and ZUS. He won Europan 11 in Vienna and founded Land+Civilization Compositions, a Rotterdam|Hong Kong based studio. He was a subcurator in the Shenzhen|HK Urban|Arch Biennale and co-director of its learning platform. Currently, he is the International Director of FUTURE+Aformal Academy. He is a writer and contributor to SITE Magazine.

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