A Series of Rooms

Collection of domestic spaces

A Series of Rooms

Collection of domestic spaces
An exploration into the imaginary of the housing archetype – as portrayed in art, media, and human studies
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A Series of Rooms is an ongoing research project that focuses on the fundamental architectural space, the room, throughout history.

A Series of Rooms aims to expand and enrich our vision on the subject from a multidisciplinary and transversal point of view, detached from mainstream contemporary aesthetics. It wants to include different ways of living and different ways of seeing, in an effort to create an atlas of the construction of domesticity.

Over the last year we have published more than 150 works, and have been able to establish connections between pieces that go beyond their format, period or origin; reformulating our approach to the creation and representation of the room.

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Laura Bonell and Daniel López-Dòriga
Roger de Lluria 116
Bonell+Dòriga (www.bonelldoriga.com) is an architecture studio founded in 2014 in Barcelona, where they work in projects at various scales: from small private commissions to public competitions. In parallel, they write papers on architecture and on late 2016 they started the platform “A Series of Rooms” as an extensive and multidisciplinary research on the topic of domestic architecture.

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