Guerilla Architects

city-making through minimally invasive interventions

Guerilla Architects

city-making through minimally invasive interventions
We as architects do not think that one must build big to create large value.
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In contrast, while working with existing structures, it often needs just minimal interventions to inject new meaning into heretofore invisible spaces. New perspectives arise from new perception, and enforce a new definition of spaces.

Hidden Borough, London 2012; performance
Understanding the city irrespective of money and standardized spaces we staged our utopia - using free and available resources - through performative actions.

Donation dinner, Berlin 2012; intervention
The market square, as a place of social exchange, serves as a starting point. We asked the market traders to donate some food for our common dinner, cooked several meals and everybody was invited to join the dining table. Our tools: a stove, some pots, paper plates and cutlery. The table and the seats were improvised out of empty cardboard boxes.

The Diver, Berlin 2012-2013; Pop-Up-Dinners

The Diver – Restaurant Experience is a social experiment about strangers who get confronted with an unusual dinner experience. The dinners took place in vacant spaces and served a 4 course menu out of waste food. The event is an open platform to discuss about reversing forgotten resources in new contexts - camouflaged as a usual Pop-Up-Dinner.

Gottesacker, Berlin 2013; Intervention

Converting an ancient graveyard into a wild herbs garden, we restaged the existing herbs into existing graveyard structures and offered them to the public during a picnic. Thereby the knowledge about the wild herbs was promoted through the project itself and an open source leaflet. Therefore also the meaning of the place changed.

Berlin Unlimited, Berlin 2014; Exhibition Design + Workshop Teaching

Berlin Unlimited was a transdisciplinary festival that had the ambition to gather several formats around the questions of the city and its boundaries through Arts, Architecture and Urban Research. Exhibition, Symposium, Workshops, Debates, Film screenings, Celebrations… all in one space of 300 sqm. Therefore the exhibition design - based on a flexible grid - had to adapt to different uses of the space.

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Anja Fritz, Silvia Gioberti, Tobias Hattendorff, Denica Indzova, Nike Kraft, Henriette Lütcke, Benedikt Stoll, Lucie Waschke
Guerilla Architects
Guerilla Architects collective was founded in 2012 during the Hidden Borough project sharing a common squatting experience in London and is now based in Berlin, Göttingen, Karlsruhe and Sofia. We are a group of architects working on socio-political issues using the forgotten and unused resources of our cities. We work to uncover the hidden potentials of our society to tackle specific urban issues.

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