Creativity Resides Here?

Creating an infrastructure for Visual Artists in schools

Creativity Resides Here?

Creating an infrastructure for Visual Artists in schools
We seek to redefine understandings of creativity in the social fabric of modern life at a core stage in human development – childhood.
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Creativity Resides Here? proposes a temporary architectural form to accommodate artist practice in preexisting schools. Our idea should accommodate artist studios, as well as space for creation and exhibition of productions created in collaboration with a resident artist.

The changing role of the contemporary artist and the need for innovation as a core skill developed through education demands a revision of artist space in schools. In particular, creativity is being heralded as a cross curricular factor demanded for the education of the future. This idea will give rise to an interdisciplinary debate on the place of and for the visual artist in society. How can we accommodate creativity in preexisting architectural forms?

We wish to open a debate that will affect many fields, not only architects but social designers, anthropologists, educationalists. We hope to find partners who can help us in our ambitious project to place creativity at the core of education.

Idea by

Helen Eriksen, Stefan Schröder, Ebba Moi, Thomas Benedict Holst
Tenthaus Oslo
Maridalsveien 3
Visual artists Helen Eriksen (1964), Ebba Moi (1971) and Stefan Schröder (1967) initiated and developed Tenthaus Oslo project space in 2009. By public exhibitions and workshops Eriksen, Moi and Schröder investigate the role of artists working in public space specifically schools. Thomas B. Holst (1983) MA in Oslo School of Architecture in 2012, is an independent architect experienced in arts projects. Previous experience at Dark Oslo.

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