The collaborative City

-how shared use can alter the logic of buildings and refresh urban development strategies.

The collaborative City

-how shared use can alter the logic of buildings and refresh urban development strategies.
Sharing strategies and rewarded common good commitment create new impulses for existing cities.
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Shared use and shared access for parts of a building can crack the existing pattern of the urban fabric and create new synergies and impulses for the development of a city. Scenarios of spatial sharing can include shared circulation elements, mobility infrastructure, community spaces, roof top parks, green surfaces for facades and courtyards, technical building equipment, contracting and maintenance services. Different collaboration scenarios can be offered by city authorities and every activity contributing to the common good gets a range of benefits. These benefits can be subsidies, exceptions regarding the building code, infrastructure benefits or mediation support for participatory processes. Inhabitants form different collaboration clusters in the city with unique sharing scenarios bound to their specific needs and desires. A culture of collaboration and sharing evolves and leads to a spatially more efficient, innovative, more ecologic and socially more active urban development.

New sharing structure plugged on the existing urban fabric including plot-crossing gardens, playgrounds and skywalks.

Shared staircase and elevator give barrier free access to all areas of the neighbourhood and a plot-crossing green facade brings nature back to the courtyard

Idea by

Florian Niedworok
Research Team Pocket Mannerhatten
Unterdorf 121
Stans bei Schwaz
Arch DI Florian Niedworok, in collaboration with: Mag. Susanne Lins MA MSc. and Julia Beck Bsc MA, tatwort - nachhaltige Projekte; DI Dr.Ing. Gesa Witthöft and Dominik Hölzl Bsc, ISRA-Technical University Vienna; DI Albert Hiesl - Energy Economics Group, Technical University of Vienna, DDr. Gebhard Klötzl - law office Klötzl, Vienna.

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