Wild Belgrade

A regard over the relationship of city with its nature and the impact of human living onto urban ecosystems

Wild Belgrade

A regard over the relationship of city with its nature and the impact of human living onto urban ecosystems
An experimental project that focuses on the seriousness of a present situation in urban ecosystems, but also on the continuous evolution of the relationship of man and nature and their constantly affecting each other: nature adapting to human’s action, man adapting to his natural environment.
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Urban ecosystems are the fastest spreading ecosystems on the planet. BUT: what do we know about them, we city dwellers, we biologists, we architects and we city planners?
Besides the obvious and unfortunate impact on the environment, urbanization has also determined the evolution of urban ecosystems... which might as well offer a point of turning, a point of positive re-action. This experimental project creates a research data base for all professionals and city dwellers interested in the co-habitation of man and nature within specific urban ecosystem such as city of Belgrade, offering a possible approach to urban developing challenges for any city around the world.
Research, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, collecting testimonies, photos, sounds... are the main activities used for mapping the interaction and dialogue of man and nature within urban landscape. Project continuously creates a unique research instrument for architects, urban planners, biologists, sociologists...

The human-made world and the nature dancing the everchanging dance. How can we, humans, be alert and attentive to the speech and signals of our surroundings? How can we contribute so that the world that we leave to our descendants is a thriving and prolific? How much can we learn about an interconnected harmonious living?

In the very essence of nature is the ability to adapt. How is nature presently adapting, finding ever new and new ways to be part of urban ecosystems? And where and how is she on every day basis loosing its battles in the cities? Where is nature withdrawing and where is it advancing in urban environement?

Our connections are based on empathy. Let's get to know, intimately, our first natural surrounding - our citie's ecosystem, in order for us to develop a relationship with nature that will be concrete, based on everyday experiences and encounters, instead of abstract feelings and moral that we are builiding by only watching remote, exotic natural world via television or other media.

The streets, traffic, houses, stores, people, trees, soil, river, animals all weave an intricate net, in which there are no island. City IS a living organism and it consits of both man made and nature made creations.

Just like when we were little children, the world around us speaks to us still today. The more we listen, the more we hear. By being more attentive to the world in our immediate surrounding we can learn how to improve our life on many levels. Creative solutions for a healthier and more productive urban life can and should be looked for.

Idea by

Milja Vukovic
In Akt association
Masarikov Trg 13
Zemun, Belgrade
Through multidisciplinary, socially engaged and artistic projects including citizens, arts, culture, education and social protection, IN AKT contributes to improving and sustaining life within and around us. It developed and participated in projects, workshops, exhibitions, public presentations: Travelling exhibition of words, Let's draw the biggest bike together!), within Beograd Velograd bicycle festival, or Shadows, an international cooperation research and art creation project.

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